Ben Is Dead

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Ben is Dead issue #30

Ben is Dead was one of the more popular zines in the 1990's, launched October 31, 1988 by Darby Romeo and published through 1999. The name is said to have come from a dream Darby had about her ex-husband.

Each issue of Ben is Dead had an theme, including revenge, depression and obsessions, and celebrity (the final issue). The content featured a wide variety of columns and stories and included contributions from somewhat famous zine writers like Lisa Carver and Vaginal Davis. The Darby and the zine gained national attention through the Kill Zinesters Tour, which opened the doors of national distribtion to Ben is Dead and created a backlash to it within the zine community who saw the zine as getting a bit too big and too much national attention to be still called a zine.

A Ben is Dead book collection has been talked about for many years, but has yet to go to print.