Banana Wings

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Banana Wings
Issue 7 1990
Cover art by Harry Turner

Banana Wings is a British science fiction fanzine edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer.

Banana Wings has won the Nova Award for Best Fanzine five times. It has also won the FAAn Award for Best Fanzine twice, in 2007 and 2010. It has been published from the 1990s and throughout the 2000s.

While many of the contributors are British, such as Ron Bennett (Skyrack), Sandra Bond (QuasiQuote), Tanya Brown, Graham Charnock (Vibrator), Vince Clark (Pulp), Malcolm Edwards (Vector), Rob Hansen (Epsilon), Roy Kettle, Dave Langford (Ansible), Max, Mike Meara, Greg Pickersgill (Rastus Johnson's Cakewalk), Alison Scott (Plokta), and Maureen Kincaid Speller (Steam Engine Time), Banana Wings enjoys a readership on both sides of the Atlantic and in Australia.

Other contributors include Michael Abbott, James Bacon, Gregory Benford (Void), rich brown (Focal Point), Kim Campbell, Cardinal Cox, John Coxon, Nic Farey, Chris Garcia (The Drink Tank, Journey Planet), Bruce Gillespie (Steam Engine Time), Ian Gunn (Ethel the Aardvark), Niall Harrison, John Hertz, Irwin Hirsh (Sikander, Thyme), Kim Huett, Gary Hunnewell, Steve Jeffrey, Tony Keen, D. S. Ketelby, Paul Kincaid (Vector), Robert Lichtman (Trap Door), Jacq Monahan, Murray Moore (Aztec Blue), Caroline Mullan, Ulrike O'Brien, Curt Philips, John Purcell (Askance), David Redd, Ang Rosin, Yvonne Rousseau (Australian Science Fiction Review (second series)), Nigel Rowe, Andy Sawyer, James Shields, Paul Skelton (Small Friendly Dog), Mark Slater, Fred Smith (Haemogoblin), Kari Sperring, Alan Stewart (Thyme), Steve Stiles, Peter Sullivan, Shelby Vick (Confusion), Taral Wayne (DNQ), Walt Willis (Hyphen), Susan Wood (Amor, Aspidistra, Genre Plat), Juliette Woods, and Pete Young (Zoo Nation).

Poetry was by D. S. Ketelby.

Art work has been contributed by Jim Barker, Brad Foster, Ian Gunn, Teddy Harvia, Dave Hicks, Sylvia Hunnewell, Alan Hunter, Terry Jeeves (ERG), Steve Jeffrey, Dick Jenssen as 'Ditmar', Ivor Latto, Dave Mansfield, Sue Mason, Rob Miller, Ulrika O'Brien, Colin Odell, Irene Pagram, Valerie Purcell, Albert Robida, William Rotsler, Marc Schirmeister, E. South, Dan Steffan (BLAT!), Steve Stiles, Anne Stokes, Arthur Thomson, John Toon, Harry Turner (Now & Then, Zenith). Pat Virzi (Pirate Jenny), Taral Wayne, and D. West.

Letters come from Jae Leslie Adams (Wabe), James Allen, Fiona Anderson, Lenny Bailes (Whistlestar), Cherith Baldry, John D. Berry (Egoboo), Sheryl Birkhead, Pamela Boal, William Breiding, Ned Brooks (It Goes On The Shelf), John Brosnan, Bill Burns, Randy Byers (Chunga), Jane Carnall, Pat Charnock (Raucous Caucus, Wrinkled Shrew), Jim Caughran, Chuck Connor (Thingumybob), Buck Coulson (Yandro), David Curl, Andreas Davour, Leigh Edmonds (Fuck The Tories), Sue Edwards, E.B. Frohvet (Twink), Mike Glicksohn (Xenium), Colin Greenland, Anne Gray, John Nielsen Hall, Bridget Hardcastle, John Hertz, Joanna Hilken, Penny Hill, Andy Hooper ([Apparatchik]]), Beverly Hope, Rob Jackson (Maya), Rhodri James, Sue Jones (Tortoise), Jerry Kaufman (Littlebrook), Earl Kemp (el), Jay Kinney (Nope!), Christina Lake (Head), Fred Lerner, Eric Lindsay (Gegenschein), Jim Linwood (Typo), Marion Linwood, Joseph T. Major (Alexiad), Pat McMurray, Farah Mendlesohn, Ian Millsted, Jim Mowatt, Joseph Nicholas (Fuck The Tories), Mark Ortlieb The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet, Karen Pender-Gunn, Lloyd Penney (Torus), Derek Pickles (Phantasmagoria), Catherine Pickersgill, Vicki Rosenzweig (Quipu), Yvonne Rowse (Barmaid), Andy Sawyer, Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), Dale Speirs (Opuntia), Milt Stevens, Janet Stevenson, Sue Thomason, Philip Turner, Jean Weber (Weberwoman’s Wrevenge), Martin Morse Wooster, Bill Wright, Ben Yalow, and Kate Yule (Bento), among others.

The zine's name comes from the combination of Mark's former zine, Banana Skins, and Claire's former zine Waxen Wings.