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babysue was a zine of experimental comics and essays published during the 1990s by Steven Fievet under the alias LMNOP. Its subject matter tended toward the deliberately offensive, with race, religion, drugs and homosexuality its most obvious recurring themes.

Its most recognizable feature was its comics section, featuring a character named baby sue, who usually exchanged quips with an off-screen character, maintaining the same pose from strip to strip and issue to issue.

Although much of the material in babysue was calculated to alienate unsympathetic readers, some was more complex and confessional. Fievet's autobiographical pieces revealed him as a homosexual from with an avid dislike of gay culture. His recollections of his angry, racist father emphasize his own conflicted admiration of blacks.

An early issue of babysue features contributions from underground cartoonists Mary Fleener and Ace Backwords.

Although the print zine has not seen a new issue in some time, back issues and excerpts are available through the official website.

Fievet is also a pop musician with several albums to his credit.

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