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About baby BEEF ??

Baby BEEF heART is a FREE art(s) zine from Dublin, Ireland. Created by Sarah Bracken and Andrea Byrne.

Baby BEEF heART was created from a collaboration of two artistic minds whose objective is to rebel against the gallery system and bring art to the streets. The zine aims to gather anything creative which includes art, poetry, film, music, short stories from all over the world, through the internet and by post /mail in order to create an art fanzine for the people by the people.

The zine began in 2006 and is still a young initiative which hopes to promote itself extensively throughout Ireland with flyers and street art in gig venues and cafes. The zine aims to publish the best pieces of future issues eventually in a book format. The zine welcomes trading with other zinesters as well as rants, personal quotes, song lyrics, poems, short stories etc. as contributions for future issues.

Baby BEEF heART is FREE and contributors are able to submit work at no cost. There are no advertisements in the zine. There is no censorship of the pieces submitted to the zine. The money needed for printing and paper costs are made from gigs in Dublin, where the underground Irish music scene is show-cased.

Issue One

40 pages (cover to cover); A5 Format ; Black & White Photocopy.

Issue One was released in June 2007.500 copies were printed and distributed around various cafes, record stores, gig venues in Dublin,Ireland. A number of copies were sent to Cork for distribution at the International Poetry Festival in July 07. The money to fund printing of Issue One was raised at a baby BEEF event held in May 07 in THE HUB in Dublin City.The event was very successfull.As baby BEEF do not advertise, their only source of funding in self raised at these gig events,so do look out for them and lend your support by coming along.

How To Submit

We accept submissions of all forms of creativity: art, poetry, film, music, short stories to name a few.Send your submission in Jpeg format via email or alternatively through Myspace.We also accept submissions by post,contact our email for more info.Please note submissions sent by post can not be returned so do not send originals.As we recieve alot of submissions;we can not guarantee that your work will be chosen for the current issue but we will ensure it is printed in a future issue.Each submitee will recieve a copy of the issue they feature in posted direct to their door FREE of charge.


  • Our Myspace account where submissions can be sent to.You can also view some images of Issue One and of our own personal art.

Contact Us

For further info please contact us at: Image