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BCSFAzine is a science fiction newsletter published by the British Columbia Science Fiction Association in British Columbia, Canada.

BCSFAzine is a very long running publication, with more than 460 issues published as of 2011. It includes news, commentary, articles, letters of comment, a calendar of SF related events in British Columbia, and the minutes of BCSFA meetings.

The first editor was Garth Spencer, who edited the issues prior to #430. Felicity Walker is the present editor.

Contributors of writing include Michael Bertrand, R. Graeme Cameron, Ray Seredin, Taral Wayne (DNQ), and Linda Williams.

Contributions of artwork come from Ian Bateson, Sheryl Birkhead, Richard case, John Costanza, Tim Eldred, Brad Foster, Steve Green, Michael Lark, Jim McPherson, and Taral Wayne.

Letters come from Sheryl Birkhead, Dave Haren, Lloyd Penney (Torus)m and Taral Wayne.

Garth Spencer also published The Maple Leaf Rag and was one of the co-editors of The Central Ganglion.

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