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Awkward Turtle Comix is a home-copied comic zine started by Thom Finley in 2006.

The zine features experimental comics stories of varrying style, written and drawn by Finley or the occasional guest artist. Thus far, two issues have been published on a roughly annual basis, with plans for a third underway. The circulation of the book is very small (typically about 2-10 copies per issue) and is self distributed by Finley from his deviantArt website and at local comic shops in St. Louis, MO.


Issue one: Hey Kids! Comics!(Published summer 2006) -"Hush" (8 pages) -"The Punch and Judy Show"

Issue two: Awkward Turtlefest (published summer 2007) -"Little Man in the Big City" (9 pages) -"No More Dead Cats" (1 page) -"The Adventures of Tall and Short" (Guest Artist,1 Page) -"Nantucket Limerick" (Guest Artist, 1 page) -"TV" (Guest Artist, 1 page)

External Links

  • Selected shorts form the series have been adapted into an online format through the webcomic //awkward.turtle//which can be accessed through [1]
  • Thom Finley's Deviant Art website
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