Atres Artes

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Atres Artes was a science fiction fanzine by Harold Cheney, Jr.

Three issues of Atres Artes came out in the 1940s.

The final issue, Volume 1, number 3 was released in 1946. It featured articles by Joe Kennedy (Vampire), F. Towner Laney (The Acolyte) Rick Sneary, and Jack Riggs (Lethe).

Along with Lethe, Black Flames, Chanticleer, Fantasy Fiction Telegram, Futuria Fantasia, Le Zombie, Nova, and Shangri L'Affaires, and Voice of the Imagi-Nation, Atres Artes was included in the anthology fanzine Pacificon Combozine for the 1946 Pacificon Fourth World Science-Fiction Convention.