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Atlantis was a journal edited and published by Egerton Sykes.

Atlantis, subtitled "A Journal of Research" was the Official Organ of the Research Centre Group. Atlantis was dedicated to esoteric studies, including the lost continent of Atlantis, and also included articles on mythology, folklore, pre-history, ancient civilization, cave paintings, the Mayan Calendar, the Kalasasaya Calendar, The Albigenses and the Holy Grail, The Siriadic Columns, Astronomy, Astrology, Carbon Dating, Electro Plating, Wilhelm Reich, The Hoerbiger Theory, book and film reviews, and many other topics.

Volume 1, No. I was published in May/June 1948. Volume 29, Nos. 5 and 6 was released in December 1976, and was the last issue to appear.

Atlantis had an extensive list of contributors, including Luis Felipe Angell, Henri Bac, Alf Bajocco, Dr. Mario Gattoni Celli, Verplanck Colvin, Violet Deering, Francis Glenn Graham, Michael Green, Georg Hinzpeter, Arthur Louis Joquel II (Specula), Professor M. Kamienski, Graham T. Kingsley, James Lockwood, Dr. Rene Malaise, James Mavor, E.H. Nutter, Yuri G. Reshetov, Karola Siebert, C. Croslan Symms, F.C. Wykes, Leslie Young, Dr. N. Th. Zhirov, among many others.

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