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<small>August 2006
<small>August 2006
24 pages, quarter size</small>
24 pages, quarter size.  available at sweet candy distro</small>

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Assert Your Inadequacy is a perzine by Lauren Schaeffer. It also contains some poetry, artwork, photography, and the occasional vegan recipe. Very few zines are made; Lauren prints copies as they are ordered. All zines are hand sewn.

Issue 1

January 2006

12 pages, half size

Perhaps 3 copies are in existence.

Assert 1.jpg

Issue 2

April 2006

16 pages, quarter size

Available at Sweet Candy Distro and fallofautumn.com

Assert 2.jpg

Issue 3

June 2006

16 pages, quarter size

Assert 3.jpg

Issue 4

August 2006

24 pages, quarter size. available at sweet candy distro