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Asha Anderson is a poet residing in Nevada but spends most of the time traveling. Her work has appeared in zines and various poetry journals including Byline Magazine, Westwind Review, Skidrow Penthouse, Poetry Motel and Sein und Werden. She also wrote and published five issues of the perzine Reddog Review before suspending the title in 2003.

During the min-1970s, while living as a member of a remote yoga community in the hills of West Virginia, she wrote and edited for their journal, Brijbasi Spirit. However, by the end of the decade, internal politics had become increasingly repressive and, in an effort to control the press, the editor was murdered. Soon after that, the entire press group left the society and went their separate ways. Asha resurfaced in Ashland Oregon and, in the early 1980s founded the letterpress operation SkyRiver Press. In 1987, she sold the presses but kept the name and switched to digital and began publishing Reddog Review. In 2003, after five issues, she suspended that title indefinitely. Some of her other publications include Driftwork and Ash Canyon Review.

Opinionated and outspoken, Anderson was very active in the discussions and battles in alt.zines until the newsgroup finally imploded and people began drifting on to other venues. At that time, August of 2003, she established the blog Language Barrier and in 2009 created Anna Sadhorse to host her poetry.

Asha resides in Nevada but spends about half the year traveling, writing about and photographing things as she goes. She reads at open venues whenever possible including most of the major cities on the west coast, New York’s lower east side, Florida, Oaxaca, London and Paris.

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