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Asha Anderson's stories and poems have appeared in her own zines and various other publications including Whirligig, Byline Magazine, Westwind Review, Skidrow Penthouse, Sein und Werden, Poetry Motel and Brijibasi Spirit.

In the mid-1980s, Anderson founded SkyRiver Press which was, in the beginning, a letter press operation. She later sold the presses and took SkyRiver Press digital. Under its imprint she published her zines Reddog Review, Driftwork and Ghostwriter and was very active in the passionate Usenet discussions and battles on alt.zines. As SkyRiver Press, Asha also collaborated with Michael Barth/Bathtub Productions to produce various interdisciplinary shows showcasing a wide range of artists including musicians, poets, actors, storytellers, dancers and mimes.

When alt.zines imploded Asha, along with many others in alt.zines, moved on to other venues. Her two main blogs are Language Barrier, an ongoing narrative from wherever on whatever, and Anna Sadhorse, where she publishes some of her poetry. Her main photo site is located at ashabot. She also reads at open mic venues whenever possible, whether in or out of the country.

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