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Angry Violist #1 cover

Angry Violist is a zine published in Cambridge, U.K.

The zine is about the subversion and mis-use of classical string instruments and advocates playing experimental music on traditional instruments in an unusual way. It is focused on punk, experimental and avant garde music, along with DIY culture. The zine has profiles of experimental string musicians and how-to information on using violins, violas and cellos creatively and innovatively. It also focuses on the problems and preconceptions that come with being a violist (as opposed to a violinist).

Format and History

The zine is A6 size, printed in black and white ink in a collage/cut'n'paste style. Issue two was hand stamped, numbered and bound. Issue #1 was 16 pages; Issue #2 increased to 24.



  • All-stars and Heroes: anti- and alternative violinists in history
  • Your bow, your friend: a guide to violinists or guitar-playing bow owners
  • Belle-moche, punk-rock and YOU
  • Transylvanian viola folk music
  • Learning the violin=evil? Struggling to find your sound against all odds
  • the amazing sounds of bowed electric guitars


  • It's a viola, actually: how to befriend your friendly, local violist
  • Drones! Drones!! Drones!!!
  • Violin playing for idiots and for the lazy (a DIY guide)
  • Diabolus in musica and other freaky musical phenomena
  • Fluxus String Playing and Charlotte Moorman
  • the Amazing Harry Partch

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