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==Contact information==
==Contact information==
P.O. Box 3001<br>
P.O. Box 30001<br>
Portland OR  97294
Portland OR  97294

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American Gun Culture Report is a zine devoted to gun culture.

Published in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., the zine is dedicated to providing alternate viewpoints on the issues surrounding guns in American culture and law. AGCR "aims to defend human rights as well as gun rights," and promotes the right to own firearms as an integral component of the struggle for social justice. Common topics include commentary on conservative gun magazines, the debate around the Second Amendment, the portrayal of guns in popular culture, and the role of firearms in activism.

AGCR was first published in 2006 and is edited by Ross Eliot.

Contact information

P.O. Box 30001
Portland OR 97294

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