Amanita Brandy

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Amanita Brandy is a small press publication of weird and fantasy poetry by W. Paul Ganley.

Four issues of Amanita Brandy were released, beginning in 1980 with issue #1. Issue #2 was published in 1989, issue #3 in 1992, and the last issue published in Summer 1999.

Issue 1 featured Joe R. Christopher, Steve Eng, H.R. Felgenhauer, Robert Frazier, Joey Froehlich, Charles de Lint, Stephen Gresham, Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), Steve Troyanovich, Ralph E. Vaughan and t. Winter-Damon.

Issue 3 featured James S. Dorr, Steve Eng, Adan Donaldson Powell, Walter Shedlofsky, Steve Sneyd, and Neil Wilgus.

Issue 4 featured Jonathon M. Berkowitz, John Binns, J.W. Donelly, James S. Dorr, A.G. Farnell, Lynne Gauger, John Graywood, A. Arthur Griffin, K.S. Hardy, Jerry Jax, Catherine Mintz, Gerald W. Page, Adan D. Powell, Ann K. Schwader, Steven L. Shrewsbury, Bobbi Sinha-Morley, and Steve Sneyd.

W. Paul Ganley was also the publisher of Eerie Country.