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Abrupt Lane Change is a queer punk zine by Chris Wilde from the U.S.A.

The first issue of this cut and paste, photocopied zine appeared in 1993. This issue featured the "Blaspheme Religion" contest, and a special citation for Sinead O'Connor for her appearance on Saturday Night Live, ripping up a photo of the Pope. Also included are detourned letters from various organizations, clippings from newspapers, organizations that may or may not be real, like "Homosexuals Anonymous" and "Riot Drrrks", and and article on Minneapolis punk including Quincy Punx, Scooby Don't, and Rejects. Also included are reviews of the zines Androzine, Homocore Toronto, Rustbelt, and From the Diane Files.

Issue two features articles on Spew 3, more organizations such as "Horny Housewife Hotline", and "Skinheads and Punks Against Homophobia", The March on Washington, and pieces on Robert Smith and The Sugarcubes. Also included are reviews of recordings by Conspiracy, Dink, Scooby Don't, a live show by 7 Year Bitch, the video Gender Troublemakers and the zines Fembot, Fuh Cole, Gender Trash from Hell, Holy Titclamps, In Your Face, Karma Label, Loring Punk, Outpunk, PC Casualties, and Persona.