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Abortions was a fanzine published by Kenneth J. Krueger (Space Trails) in the United States.

The first seven issues appeared between mid-1951 and Winter of 1952. The final issue didn't come out until 1955, and consisted entirely of blank pages. The seventh issue was titled "Abby".

Contributions included poetry by Sandy Charnoff, Raymond L. Clancy (in each of the first seven issues), Gilbert Cochrum, Doris R. Currier, T.P. Hadley, Walt Klein, Don J. Nardizzi, Marilyn R. Venable, and I.J. Wolf. The third issue also reprinted John Polidori's classic Gothic poem "The Vampyre." Raymond Clancy also had fiction in at least two issues, and the seventh issue carried a story by Robert Silverberg.