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(Un)covered - a tiny art zine from Indonesia. contains dark/gothy images. hand-numbered (out of 25), and comes with a sticker, and packaged in an envelope.

Majemuk #2 - drawings/comics, from Indonesia. comes with a free sticker, and in a resealable plastic bag. quarter size / 47 pages / black & white.

Savage Forest - is a perzine about the writer's trip to Africa (Tanzania and Malawi, specifically) from a couple of summer's ago. The writer also talks about her time living in Utah and Brooklyn, as well as a few other travels. It is illustrated as well. quarter size / 84 pages.

E.T. - drawings and doodlings of ET the alien and other popular aliens & monsters. A5 size / 12 pages / black & white / sewn instead of stapled.

I'm One Of An Odd Family #3 - a music fanzine. not punk/not hardcore/not straight-edge. interviews w/ the weirdo reclusive hiphop group Tortoiseshell Male, the Detroit digigrind group Hentai Cum Dungeon, and the Danish noise artist Loke Rahbek, plus music reviews. A4 size / 12 pages / black & white / very neat and presentable.

(Un)covered is a small art zine from Indonesia.

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