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'COTTONMOUTH' is a Perth based literary zine which accompanies the monthly spoken word narrative art night Cottonmouth, which happens on the second Thursday of every month at Bar 459 at The Rosemount Hotel. The zine is editted by Scott-Patrick Mitchell (see MoTHER [has words...]) who is part of The Concrete Organisation.

At current, over 13 issues of 'COTTONMOUTH' have been published. It is open to submissions primarily from Australian creative talent but does consider international submissions. Poetry, fiction and black and white illustrations are encouraged. Submit work to zine@cottonmouth.org.au and please remember to include a 50 word bio - oh, and if you read about the zine here, also mention that in your submission. Don't forget - the zine is published monthly so deadlines are open and continuous.

PDF copies of the zine are available from the Cottonmouth website, which is located here.