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=Third Mind=
'''Third Mind''' was a [http://www.zinewiki.com/One-shot one-shot] zine from Macon, GA.  
'''Third Mind''' was a [http://www.zinewiki.com/One-shot one-shot] zine from Macon, GA.  

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Third Mind was a one-shot zine from Macon, GA.

Third Mind was put together by Shannon Peri (Shannon Perry).

The zine originally started as an effort to bring downtown artists and musicians into more collaborative conversation with one another. The first issue, "Death," was distributed as a limited release on December 21, 2008 at a Winter Solstice house party hosted at Riggonia, home of the Macon band, Cult of Riggonia. The contents of this sole issue may be described as New Age ruminations on the nature of death, rebirth, creation, and art.

All contributors to "Death" were locals of Macon and included a cover drawing by Mary Katherine Dunwody, poems by John L. Tate and William Dantzler (aka Willie D.) and two short essays by Shannon Perry.

A second issue on the theme of "Love" was slated to be released on February 14, 2009, but was never finished.

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