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Zine Librarian Zine is a compilation zine that is comprised of stories about life and work by zine librarians. To date, three issues of Zine Librarian Zine have been published.

Issue 1 was published in 2002. It is 36 pages. Contributors included:

  • James Jacobs
  • Ellen Knutson
  • Travis Fristoe
  • Micheal Baninski
  • Brooke Young

Issue 2 was published in 2003. It is 48 pages, and its theme is "Advice for a Young Librarian." Contributors included:

  • Brooke Young
  • Ellen Knutson
  • Deanna Hitchcock
  • John Held, Jr.
  • Amy Leigh
  • Colleen McKee
  • Andrea Grimes
  • Michael Baninski
  • Sean Stewart

Issue 3 was published in 2009. It is 36 pages, and its theme is "DIY-IYL: Do It Yourself in Your Library." Contributors included:

Issue one was edited by Greig Means (aka Clutch McBastard). The first two issues of Zine Librarian Zine were published by the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IRPC) in Portland, Oregon. Zine Librarian Zine Issue 3 was edited by Alycia Sellie and Jenna Freedman and presented at the first annual Zine Librarians (Un)conference, which took place in Seattle, Washington, in March 2009. All three issues have the format of 5.5" x 8.5". The publisher of all three issues of Zine Librarian Zine is given as "ZLZ."

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