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Wombat is a science fiction fanzine by Ron Clarke and Shayne McCormack.

Wombat was published in Australia in the 1970s. The first issue was released in May 1971. At least four issues appeared. Issue 3 was the Australian poetry issue of Wombat.

Contributors included John Brosnan (Big Scab), Barry Danes, David Hough, Graham Love, Christine McGowan (The Hag and the Hungry Goblin, The Flight of the Kangaroo), and Jack Wodhams, among others.

In Checkpoint #31, of Feruary 1973, Peter Roberts writes of issue 4; " There's always a mixed bag in Wombat – contributors include Barry Danes, Jack Wodhams, David Hough, Christine McGowan, and Graham Love (plus a number of would-be poets) and contents vary from conreports to a photo-illustrated trip to Cambodia. Letter column is fairly large. Always interesting, if only in parts."

Shayne McCormick also published the fanzine Terran Times.

Ron Clarke also published The Mentor from 1965 to 2001. Susan Smith-Clarke and Ron Clarke released Ark in the 1970s; with Antoinette Rydyr and Don Boyd, he published Cold Cuts in the 1990s.

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