Welcome to the Nightmare

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Issue #8

Welcome to the Nightmare was a Psychobilly fanzine from California, U.S.A.

The Zine is about psychotic rock'n'roll and the lifestyle that goes with it. It's packed with record and gig reviews, video reports, comix, games, psycho-art and more. It covers and supports the psychobilly scene worldwide, and local rockabilly and punk bands. Everything is written in a unique perspective, because its done by fans.


  • Editors: Bug Boy, Paul Van Horn, Squishy, Senor Bendeho, Joshabilly
  • Artwork: Paul Van Horn, Senor Bendeho, Squishy


No. Date Content
2 Meteors, Hayride to Hell, Buddys Riot, Roadhouse Rockers, No Means No, "I Was A Sinner Until...," "Alcoholic Report," "Hell On Earth," "A Real Stand Up Guy"
3 Los Straightjackets, Hayride to Hell, Guana Batz, "Info For Cyberpsychos," by Mystery Psycho, L`AB, "Moe's Alley Rockabilly Wednesdays review," "Squishy's Gourmet Under-A Dollar Menu!" "Vacation: Tour with Buddys Riot"
4 Cadillac Angels, Pacific Slappers, Demented Are Go, Chibuku, "Zombie Story," Letters to the Nightmare
5 A night of Incredibly Strange Wrestling with Demented Are Go, Calavera, Mutilators, Barnyard Ballers; Clash of the Rock n' Roll Mutants; Demented Are Go's Transexual Lesbian Tour
6 The 10th Big Rumble, Zombie Pop Chart, Guest Comix, A Poem by Spark Retard, "How to Make a Shotgun Gutbucket Bass," and more
7 West Coast Psycho scene report, 1st U.S. Psycho Weekender, Music Reviews, Gorey Gus, & more
8 1999 The 11th Big Rumble, Burnouts & Beerguts weekender, Brazilian Scene Report, Horror report and more

Contact Information

Email: wttnmare[at]yahoo.com

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