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Vice is a mini-zine by Shayan Shafii and published under the independent label Moribund Records from Goleta, California.

The series started with it's first published debut, "Avocados, Noise, and Ultravoilence" in October 2015 under 50 copies. The zine has been issued seasonally since then.

The zine focuses on a variety of topics including local and independent music, underground movies, art, comics, ect. Cover art and contents are created from cut outs, which then are scanned and photo-copied.


Issue #1: "Avocados, Noise, and Ultraviolence" October 2015 [50 copies]

Issue #2: "Lemonhead" January 2016 [50 copies]

Issue #3: "Anti-Noise" March 2016 [100 copies]

Issue #4: "Korova" June 2016 [100 copies]

Issue #5: "Living Film" October 2016 [100 copies]

Issue #6: "In The Red" January 2017 [100 copies]

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