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VCU Castoffs Zine is a fledgling zine began in 2016 by three longtime friends during their first year in college.

Published in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A., the name of thezine, which is partially sarcastic, was a vague reference to the fact that one of the writers had been denied housing from Virginia Commonwealth University, and another was not able to attend, leaving both to live together in an apartment blocks away from campus, at the age of 18, but also subtly hinted at VCU and Richmond scene casualties that the writers knew, from their hometown in Northern Virginia, and implied that they themselves were already scene casualties. It seemed much funnier to them at the time, but then it kind of sounded melodramatic. They kept it anyway.

The official Zine of the fake joke anti-fraternity (or tarf, or fart, depending on who you ask) Alpha Sigma Sigma, who's home base is at the editors' apartment, AKA The Avant Garden. Used to promote events at the apartment such as DIY comedy shows and "First Friday's" art crawls, the Zine also features such stories as "How To Win a Fistfight With Iggy Pop", "Connect the Dots", "Radicals Rule", "Why is it Like this", "Drunk Interviews with Ben", and "An Open letter to the nitros dealer on our street". The Zine has traded promotion with webzine "Ultra Magazine", run by friends. The Zine is primarily a comedic thing, but there is also sad poetry, cool art, and nifty activism stuff.