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Hi Vicentine, I'm an administrator here at Zine Wiki and I've been editing the article you created for your zine. I thought I'd explain why I made some of the changes I did, since I see you've been changing them back again. Despite what people think, Zine Wiki isn't just free space for zine editors to do whatever they choose to do. We are trying to document the history of zines in an encyclopedic manner. We try to maintain a similar format with each article, so that Zine Wiki isn't a jumbled mess for readers. With photos of the covers of zines, they generally appear at the right side of the page, with text alongside, but never alone at the top of the page. I have also edited your text somewhat for clarity. As well, while artistic flair is commendable in a zine, Zine Wiki tends to favour a more encyclopedic prose. I hope this offers some explanation for some of my editing of your article.InvisibleFriend 16:55, 30 September 2007 (EDT)

Hi Vicentine: Please read the Discussion page for this zine. I'm rolling back this page to the previous edit, since you've changed it back again. If you'RE going to continue to attempt to re-introduce all the sections I've edited out, I would suggest you try a different style of writing...perhaps one that doesn't read so much like an ad or an essay in mainstream magazine designed for teens in junior high. No offense if you are of this age group, but although many young people do contribute articles here at zine wiki, they do attempt to contribute encyclopedic entries rather than those that read like advertisements for themselves, as yours does. Thank you. InvisibleFriend 05:03, 14 October 2007 (EDT)

Thank you. I take great offense to that as I have been out of that age group for quite some time. Also, I have no problem with you editing each different kind of edit I put up; this last edit was entirely different from the first one, so no, I did not simply re-introduce things that were there previously. However, if you do edit my page, please be sure to maintain all appropriate grammar. There's no point in editing someone's work if you're going to leave errors behind.