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UC-IMC Library logo.

The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center Library (UCIMC) Library is a non-profit volunteer collective that supports the information needs of IMC media creators and the community at large. The library attempts to collect material that gives voice to those not portrayed in the mainstream/corporate media outlets, and has a preference for materials not available at other local libraries, including books, zines, videos and audio recordings.

The Radical Librarians and Archivists group is responsible for building and maintaining the IMC's progressive library project and archive of media materials; including a renowned zine collection. This collection is located in the space adjacent to the stage and next to the administrative offices on the main floor of the UCIMC. This library is open whenever the UCIMC is open!

For over a decade, the IMC has been a midwest nexus for zine making and collecting. Thousands of zine makers have sent us their precious words and illustrations, which are now available to view and browse. The IMC has held a number of Midwest Zine Fests, bringing together zine makers to create, share and celebrate zines. We also host workshops and pop-up library zine demonstrations - contact us if you are interested!

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