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Ultrawarp was a media science fiction fanzine published by the Victoria based fan club Time-Trekkers.

Published in the 1990s in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, Ultrawarp was devoted to Star Trek and Dr. Who. Also included were articles on Babylon 5, Blake's 7, and The X-Files.

Editors have included Michael Cloonan, Simon Mead, and Greg Smith.

In his November 1995 review for Sonic Screwdriver #93 , David J. Richardson writes, "Ultrawarp is the zine of Time Trekkers, the Science Fiction Club of Central Victoria. This issue has a couple of articles focusing on Blakes 7, as well as a guide to cult TV drinking games, an episode guide to Babylon 5, lots of club and zine info, and news from the realms of SF television shows. Plus there’s continuing tale which brings together the universes of Who, Trek, X-Files AND Dune! A remarkably packed 12 pages."

Ultrawarp is included in the Susan Smith-Clarke Fanzine Collection at The National Library of Australia.

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