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Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings is a zine editor, artist and technician from California, U.S.A.

In the late 1980's Tom was active in the Bay Area punk scene. He was a shit worker for the club Gilman St. Project and the magazine Maximum Rock and Roll. He was an active skater and did a publication called Shred of Dignity.

In 1988 he began co-editing the publication Homocore with Deke Nihilson. The publication was part of the Queercore movement that lasted from 1985 till the 2000s.

Jennings was also active in the development of computer programming and software. He is the creator of FidoNet, the first message and file networking system for BBSes. Originally, the FidoNet protocols were implemented in a program named Fido, authored by Jennings, but they were ultimately implemented by other authors in other software to create a network using a multiplicity of platforms. Aside from creating the most influential protocol for networking computer bulletin boards, Jennings built Wired magazine's first internet presence, wrote the portable BIOS that led to Phoenix Technologies BIOS, ran an early regional internet service provider, The Little Garden (later incorporated as TLGnet, Inc), and maintains an informal archive of Cold War science and technology.

In 2005, he appeared in the film BBS: The Documentary, and in 2017, he appeared in the documentary Queercore: How to Punk A Revolution.


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