Time Winds

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Time Winds
Issue 11 1985
Cover art by Jim Thompson

Time Winds is a fanzine by Susan M. Garrett.

Appearing in the 1980s, 20 issues of Time Winds are published from New Jersey, U.S.A. The zine was devoted to the television series Doctor Who.

Issues 1 to 7 were published in 1983, with writing by Susan M. Garrett, Jennifer Clark, and Betsy Marshall.

issues 8 and 9 were released in 1984, and contained writing by Susan M. Garett. Issue 10 also appeared in 1984, but was co-published with Mark Hernandez.

Issue 11 appeared in 1985. It was 26 pages, and features cover art by Jim Thompson, and interior artwork by Jim Thompson, Katie Rashid, and Gennie Summers. Writing was by Susan M. Garrett, Barbara O'Quinn, John Peel, Theresa Sarick, and others.

Issue 12 was published in 1985, and featured art work by Anne Davenport, Maggie Johnston, Katy Rashid, Gennie Summers, and Jim Thompson. Writing was by Andrew Anderson, James Crawford, Susan M. Garrett, John Peel, and others.

Issue 13 was released in 1985. It was 58 pages, and featured writing by Susan M. Garrett and Katriena Myers, among others.

Issue 14 was published in 1986, and was 60 pages.

Issue 15, with 44 pages, also from 1986, included writing by Susan M. Garret, Autumn Lee, and Sue Ann Sarick, and illustrations by Maggie Johnston, and Gennie Summers.

Issue 16 appeared in June 1986, and was 36 pages. It featured front cover art work by Ann Larimer, and included interior art by Charles Albritton, Rhonda Henderson, Maggie Johnston, and Gennie Summers. Writing was by Laura Mulqueen Campbell, James Crawford, Susan M. Garrett, Diana D. Jarvis, Atlanta Leyda, Esther McClure, Barbara O'Quinn. Liz Shaw, Rie Sheridan (From the Notebook of Sarah Jane), Pepper Smith, and Jill Stone. Filks were by Ann Davenport. Poetry was by C.L. Crouch.

Issue 17 was released in September, 1987, and was 86 pages, It featured a portrait of the first six Doctors by Nan Nelson, and writing by James Crawford, Susan M. Garrett, Autumn Lee, and Aloma Pedersen.

Issue 18 came out in 1987. It was 154 pages, and featured writing by Thomas Beck, Stephen Bergdahl, Cecily Chambers, Kaye Dunham, Dianne Elliott, Jill Grundfest, Barbara Mater, Barbara O'Quinn, Rachel Wood, and Steven Zwanger, among others.

Issue 19 was published and January 1988. it was 144 pages, and featured cover art by Emily Penfield. Writing came from John Ezzy, Jill Grundfest, Autumn Lee, Rachel Nash, and Liz Smith, among others.

Issue 20, the last issue, was released in 1988. It was 192 pages, and featured writing by Susan M. Garrett, and Kathy Wesley, among others.