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Tiki News was a zine published from January 1995 until 2001 by Otto von Stroheim from Venice, CA and San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.

During the run of Tiki News, 17 issues were published reaching a circulation of 3,000 including over 900 subscribers and various distribution including Tower Records.

Tiki News showcased a different artist on the front and back covers and featured some now-famous artists such as Shag, House Industries, and Chip Wass. It was co-edited by "The Book of Tiki" author Sven Kirsten who published one article in each issue as well as a photo comic in later issues. Tiki News is widely credited with creating the revival of interest in Americana Tiki Style now known as Polynesian Pop (est. by Sven Kirsten). Through art exhibits for the cover artists and hosting of various Tiki parties Otto von Stroheim jump started the Tiki scene in Los Angeles then moved to San Francisco in late 1996 and continued throwing Tiki parties there leading to the annual Tiki festival, Tiki Oasis, in San Diego.

Tiki News was featured in or collaborated with other like-minded zines such as Murder Can Be Fun by John Marr of San Francisco, Pineapple Princess by Beth Allen of San Francisco, Organ & Bongos by Russ S. of Seattle, Thrift SCORE by Al Hoff, or Lounge Magazine by Sam Wick of Los Angeles. Tiki News was featured in the RESEARCH book "ZINES! Vol. II"

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