The Vorpal Sword

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The Vorpal Sword
Issue 2 Spring 1969
Cover art by Vivian Potter

The Vorpal Sword is a science fiction fanzine by Deborah Kogan and Michelle Malkin.

Coming from Pennsylvania, U.S.A., the first issue was released in 1968. The cover was by Deborah Kogan. Written contributions came from Mick Allister, Deborah Backover, Harriett Kolchak, Michelle Malkin, Joanne Methos, J.B. Post, and Ron Stoloff.

Issue 2 appeared in Spring 1969. The cover art was by Vivian Potter, and interior art by Deborah Kogan, Marilyn Fishman, Paul Kessler, and Stanley Kramer.

Writing was by Mick Allister, Delores Green, Harriett Kolchak, Sherry Kramer, Dee Leonard, Michelle Malkin, Jeanne Methos, D.C. Paskow, Kathy Surgenor (Pastaklan Vesla), and Darryll Schweitzer. This issue included "The Negro and Science Fiction", an anti-racist essay by Ron Stoloff.

Letters came from Devra Langsam (Spockanalia), and Joni Markwood Rapkin (Zarathustra), among others.

The Vorpal Sword issue 3 was published in Winter 1970. The art work is by Carol Grosso, Deborah Kogan, Sherry Kramer, Michelle Malkin, Kathy Surgenor, and Jackie Weeden.

Contributions of writing were from Mick Allister, Sherry Kramer, Deborah Kogan, Dee Leonard, Michelle Malkin, Jack McKnight, Ted Pauls, J.B. Post, Dawna Snyder, Donald Stanley, Ron Stoloff, and Kathy Surgenor.

Letters came from John W. Campbell, among others.

After The Vorpal Sword concluded, Michelle Malkin went on to publish Pastaklan Vesla with Peggy Barilla and Kathy Surgenor.

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