The Texas SF Inquirer

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The Texas SF Inquirer
Cover art by Brad Foster

The Texas SF Inquirer is a science fiction fanzine published by the Fandom Association of Central Texas (F.A.C.T.).

The Texas SF Inquirer was begun in the 1980s. The first editor was Pat Mueller, followed by Alex Slate and, in the 1990s, Brad and Cindy Foster.

Contributors of writing included Richard Brandt ( Fanthology '87), Carolyn Cooper, Scott A. Cupp, Ellen Dallow, Fred Duarte, Jr., Linda (Pickersgill) Krawecke (Six Shooter, Start Breaking Up), A.P. McQuiddy, Pat Mueller, Lawrence Person, Stacy Leah Scott, and Allen Varnery, among others.

Included were interviews with Pat Cadigan, William Gibson (Genre Plat) (#22), Lewis Shiner (#19), and Bruce Sterling (#19), among others.

Contributing artists included Brad Foster, Ian Gunn (Ethel the Aardvark), Jeff Haas, Teddy Harvia, Kyle Kirkpatrick, Doug Potter, Sherlock (CollinSports), and Steve Wills, among others.

In 1988, under the editorship of Pat Mueller, The Texas SF Inguirer won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine.

Andy Hooper, in his review in the Januaryt 1997 issue of Apparatchik, says, " Good God, this was a surprise. Just when I figured the nails had been pounded into the lid of this fanzine, it comes boiling back out of the grave in a huge and impressive blast of comic strips and fannish memoirs. As one might expect from a fanzine with a Hugo-winning fan artist as half of its editorial staff, there is a lot of art here. Strips and cartoons abound, from familiar hands like Foster, Sherlock and Ian Gunn, and new (to me) names like Jeff Haas, Steve Wills and Kyle Kirkpatrick. My favorite part was the collection of postcards and cartoons done at Intersection, which took me back to that vast, echoing shed . . . . Also superb was Stacy Leah Scott's "Household Monsters: A General Guide. " I loved Linda Pickersgills piece "The Day my Cats Talked," but surely this is a reprint I have read elsewehre? A lack of attribution seems a serious oversight. But on the whole, this is a very auspicious rebirth, and I look forward to seeing more from the Fosters and FACT."

Pat Mueller Virzi had previously co-published Fanthology 1986 with Dennis Virzi and Mike Glyer. In Spring 1988, Pat Mueller, now Pat Mueller Virzi, began publishing her more personal zine, Pirate Jenny, followed later in 2011 by Pint-Size Stories.

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