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The Collinsport Record was a fanzine published by The Friends of Dark Shadows and Baker Street Productions.

Devoted to the Gothic television serial Dark Shadows, the fanzine was published from Metairie, Louisiana, U.S.A. in the early 1980s. Eight issues were released, the last one in 1987.

The Friends of Dark Shadows was begun in 1983 by the New Orleans branch of The International Dark Shadows Society, led by Sharida Rizzuto, who published four issues of Inside Dark Shadows. After separating from the International Dark Shadows Society, the group published The Collinsport Record and a newsletter, The Collinwood Journal, both edited by Sharida Riszuto with Associate Editor Sidney J. Dragon, the group's Vice President.

Issue 1 featured an interview with actor Jerry Lacey, conducted by Sharida Rizzuto; and the articles "Yes, Sir, Mister Barnabas" by Sidney J. Dragon; and 'What Is Dark Shadows", and "More Than Just A Monster" by L. A. Woodriff (as B. Collins); and photographs of Manhattan Shadows Con '83 by Tom Schellenberger.

Issue 2 featured the short fiction piece, "One Curse Removed" by Jack Jackson; and photographs of Jonathan Frid at Deltacon II in 1986 by Sharida Rizzuto.

Issue 3 appeared in 1984, and featured an interview with actor Jonathan Frid by Ken Friedmann; and the short fiction piece "The Life of an Indentured Servant" by Sidney J.Dragon.

Issue 5 included the article "Getting Acquainted With Barnabas" by Sharida Rizzuto; the poem The Playroom by Ken Friedman, with accompanying illustration of Quentin, David and Amy; and photographs of locations in the television show by Ken Friedman.

Issue 7 featured the article "Collecting ‘DS' Memorabilia" by Jack Jackson.

Baker Street Publications produced other zines, such as Baker Street Gazette, Sleuth Journal, Horizons Beyond, The Vampire Journal, Realm of the Vampire, Movie Memories, and The Haunted Journal.

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