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Erika is someone who wishes not to have an entry in the zine wiki. In addition, many of the facts in the article were wrong.

Is there a way to get confirmation of this from the zinester? I'm having a hard time determining if this comment is fact or someone attempting to delete or vandalize a wiki listing without any proof. Third party testimony does not seem like very good evidence in support of deletion. dan10things 11:59, 23 March 2007 (EDT)

Dan, absolutely. email me and i'll put you in touch directly with her. she'll give you absolute confirmation. my email should be associated with my account.

It's cool if she doesn't want to be included, but a lot of that stuff in the entry is/was documented and taken from either zines she has written (the majority of Erika and May's zines are housed at the zine library at Duke University) or articles about her or May, particularly how they offended people-of-color (see: Slant #5, and one issue of Bamboo Girl - some people are still offended to this day by what she/they said, teenage feminist riot grrrl naivete/this being an incident 10-12 years ago or no - it does represent to some people how Riot Grrrl pretty much botched race issues). Not that this matters anymore cos the article has been deleted, but to get it out there, her "zineography" and history with zines is documented. user:Sarah 3:08pm 28 March 2007 (EDT)