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Swap Magazine is a zine by Hayley Thomas of San Luis Obispo, California, U.S.A., that provides information on local music, arts, and (sub)culture.

Among the recurring features of Swap magazine are horoscopes by KCPR radio DJ Biba Pickles, cartoons by Dr. Reid Cain, owner of comic book store Dr. Cain's, and poetry by various SLO denizens including Ashley Fischer, Meredith Hobbs-Coons, Joshua K. Chase (a guest poet from Minneapolis), Ben Simon, and the Disgusting Old Hippie, also a veteran KCPR DJ.

The zine has currently run a course of 11 issues, both in magazine and newspaper formats. Issue #6 contained a link for a free download of the local compilation album The Cause and the Cure, which features many local punk rock bands including Magazine Dirty and Han Solo's Baby. Other bands featured in Swap include Rose Windows (currently signed to Sub Pop Records), Chonk & the Ghostfiddler (from Berkeley, CA).

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