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Starache is a zine by Amy Funaro.

Published in the 1990s, Starache was a Riot Grrrl zine.

The editor of Starache is quoted in the book, Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music, by Marisa Meltzer. (Faber and Faber, Inc., 2010); and in Alternative Media by Chris Atton (Sage Publications, 2002). In Alternative Media, Amy Funaro is quoted as saying, "I can't stop doing zines. I'm addicted, I suppose. I guess maybe it's my way of still doing something. I don't want to change the world anymore. But I still want to do something, to let me know I'm still alive and this is it."

Starache features writing on the editor's shyness, on women in music, on Riot Grrrl, punk, beauty and image, the bands Go Sailor, and Lush, and poetry by the editor.

Amy Funaro also published the title Blur.

Starache is included in the Sarah Dyer Zine Collection, part of the Sallie Bingham Center For Women's History and Culture at Duke University Libraries; at the Barnard Library; and in the Sarah and Jen Wolfe Zine Collection at The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A.