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Cover art by Jeanne Gomoll

Sisters is a science fiction fanzine by Jeanne Gomoll, Lucy Huntzinger, and Pam Wells.

Sisters was a one-shot title, reproduced by photocopy, 16 pages in length. It was created by Jeanne Gomoll, Lucy Huntzinger and Pam Wells in order to promote Wells as a candidate for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Funds. The fanzine apparently worked, as Pam won the fund and attended the 1991 Worldcon in Chicago. The contents include an article by each of the three contributors, plus an editorial/introduction by Wells. She also wrote "Jennie and Me". Jeanne Gomoll writes "Sisters," and Huntzinger contributes "Women and Saints." The front cover art is by Gomoll; back cover is by Jim Barker.

Jeanne Gomoll had previously co-edited Janus with Janice Bogstad. She also edited the titles Six Shooter with Pam Wells and Linda Krawecke, and Whimsey.

Lucy Hunzinger also published the fanzine Rude Bitch with Avedon Carol.

Pam Wells also published Nutz in the 1980s. She co-edited the one shot fanzine Six Shooter, with Jeanne Gomoll and Linda Krawecke, released in 1987. She was also one of the co-editors of Pulp, along with Vince Clarke, Avedon Carol, Rob Hansen, and John Harvey, from 1986 to 1991. She later went on to co-edit, with Michael Abbott, and John Dallman, the fanzine Attitude from 1994 till 1997.