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Silver Rocket was a zine by Nicole Solomon.

Published in Ithaca, New York, U.S.A., Silver Rocket appeared in the 1990s. It was a personal and political zine.

Issue 1 featured writing on Star Wars; Matchbox cars; My religious upbringing stuff; Elliott Smith; Recipe corner; College stuff; Non-leather shoes; I hate Friends; The way things aren't review; zine reviews and a Lucky Tiger interview.

Issue 2 featured writing on Alf; Roseanne; Pass the Buck!; Playboy comes to Ithaca; More religion stuff; I'm 18; Magazines write about women musicians; X-Files; Do you have this stuff?; Tom Waits centerfold; Kill Sassy; Computers; College stuff; X-Girl catalog; Rap; and reviews of books, zines catalogs, video and cassette tapes.

Issue 3 featured writing on Fuck the president!; Evan [heart]s Lucky Tiger; My senior portrait! No, not the picture, thoughts on it.; "reverse sexism" is crap; Olestra sucks; Rant about anti-semitism, etc.; Mail page; Cable tv monopoly; Girl conventions; Little thing I had to write one night; Pass the buck! update; Reviving Ophelia & why I hate it; Books you should read; and reviews of cassette tapes and zines.

Issue 4, from 1996, included Homophobia in films; Prozack's thing; Media monopoly; "Feminist [does not equal] lesbian" is a fucked up slogan, etc.; I do not like Ithaca much; Star Wars word search; Teen mag idea/intro to zines; Sleater-Kinney; Classism: Riot Grrrl and middle class guilt; Sesame Street; and reviews of books, cassettes, and zines.

Issues 6, 7 and 8, appeared later in the decade. Issue 8 is thought to be the last issue.

Nicole response to the question "Why do you do a zine?" appeared in issue 12 of Gretchen Lowther's zine There's no such thing as a good faerie.

Quotes from Silver Rocket issue 4 appear in the 33 1/3 book 'Dig me Out,by Jovana Babovic, devoted to Sleater Kinney's album Dig Me Out.

Copies of Silver Rocket are held at the Barnard Library Zine Collection.