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Same Heartbeats is a personal-political zine from Belgium, created by Nina Nijsten who used to make Flapper Gathering. It's written in English. 8 issues of Same Heartbeats have been released so far. The first issue came out in 2007 and the 8th issue was printed in April 2015.

Same Heartbeats started out as a travel zine, about visiting ladyfests and other queer/feminist festivals, and evolved more to a personal-political zine about feminist criticism, activism, theory and craft. Now it discusses the feminist movement, DIY subculture, traveling to feminist events, craft actions, self-publishing and zines, alternative media as activism, democratic collective organising, feminist history, DIY and more. The zine contains text as well as black-white illustrations and some comics. It's copied on recycled paper and hand-bound with colourful yarn. Issue 4 includes a lino print on its cover.

Same Heartbeats is sold by ECHO, Nina's zine creation project. It can be found at some ladyfests, at the Alternative Bookfair (Alternatieve Boekenbeurs) in Ghent, Belgium, in some riot grrrl distros and in zine libraries such as Shelf Zine Library in Ghent, Belgium. Grassroots Feminism has published an interview and pdf versions of the zine.

More information can be found at ECHO and at Grassroots Feminism