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Swinj is an ongoing art publication based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and published by Swinj Art Productions, conceived of by Nick Bottman, and created and developed by Trent Call since 1998.

Swinj focuses mainly on drawing, comics, illustration, photography and graffiti. Issue #6 was printed in the summer of 2006; Perfect Bound, 152 pages, limited edition of 600, signed and numbered. Each copy comes with a random two stickers of six. Issue #6 is the tenth release and is the most current issue.

31 Utah Based Artists in issue #6: Endur, Patrick Eddington, Eliza Strack, David Clarke, Cein Watson, Jason Jones, Fletcher Booth, Sri Whipple, Camilla Taylor, Oliver Chipping, Liz Evans, Jenni Lord, Toward Feeling in the Blank, Ruby Claire Johnson, Gentry Blackburn, Jonathon Clarke, Leia Bell, Trent Call, Zak Jensen, Vile Blue Shades, Jessica Minckly, Alex Ferguson, Steven Larson, Nick Bottman, Cameron Larson, Tessa Lindsey,Kevin, Ryan Jensen, Russel Daniels, Alexa Filanowicz, Stephani Dykes

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