Roving Reporter

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Roving Reporter
Issue 1 1990
Cover art by Martin Proctor

Roving Reporter was a media science fiction fanzine devoted to the television series Doctor Who.

Subtitled "From the Files - Sarah Jane Smith", it specifically dealt with one of Doctor Who's companions, Sarah Jane Smith, as played by Elisabeth Sladen. It was published by the Elisabeth Sladen Information Society and edited by Kevin Parker, from Greenbelt, Maryland, U.S.A.

The first issue was published in 1990, and was 135 pages. Cover and interior illustrations are by Martin F. Proctor. Other interior illustrators include Judi Boguslawski, Anne Davenport, Cynthia J. Guido, Nan Nelson, and Marty Siegrist (Alpha Continuum). Fiction was by Joelle Augustine, Tom Beck, Susan M. Garrett (Time Winds), Mark Owen, Kevin W. Parker, Michael Ratcliffe, and Roxie Ray.

Issue 2 appeared in 1991.

The cover art for the issue was by Martin F. Proctor. Cartoons were by Christopher Cook and interior illustrations were by Judi Boguslawski, Yvonne S. Hintz, Ken Horan, Sue Law, Martin F. Proctor, and Marty Siegrist. Fiction was by Tom Beck, Hiram Doup, Susan M. Garrett, Yvonne S. Hintz, Autumn Lee, Jeff Morris, Kevin W. Parker, Roxie Ray, and Jennifer Smallwood. The story "The Funny Lady at 57", written and illustrated by Yvonne S. Hintz, was reprinted from The Companions. It was 135 pages.

The third issue of Roving Reporter was released in 1993. It was the winner of the Fan-Q Award for the favorite Doctor Who fanzine of 1993.

This 130 page issue features a single novel, "The Mystery of Mandragora," the second story in The New K9 and Company series. Illustrated with front and back covers by Martin F. Proctor.

Roving Reporter #4 was published in 1995.

The front and back covers are by Martin F. Proctor, with interior illustrations by Judi Boguslawski, Chris Collins, Cynthia J. Guido, Stefanie Kate Hawks, Ken Horan, Alan Ivins, and Martin F. Proctor. Fiction is by Joelle Augustine, Tom Beck, Jeff Morris, Kevin W. Parker, Sheila Schneider, Atlanta Lea Sheridan, Jill Stone, and Rosemary Sullivan.

Roving Reporter #2 won the FanQ Award for favorite Doctor Who fanzine for the year 1993, and issue 3 won the FanQ Award for 1994.

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