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Riverside Junior was a German Punk, Psychobilly and Rock'n'Roll fanzine from Aachen.

In Dezember 2001 the Riverside Junior partnered with the Moloko Plus Zine for a Riverside Junior Special in Moloko Plus issue 19.


  • Editors: Carsten Bieler, Udo Vogt, Oliver Wagner, Mathias Oelkrug (promoted to Editor with Issue 5)
  • Contributors: Tom Borderland, Stefan Borderland, Rebel Rentner Lehmann, Crazy, Andreas Coenen, Alex Klotz, Philipp Weingartner, Jens Rank, Torsten Hallmann, Harti Henning, Matthias Oelkrug, Andreas Kürten, Sid Simpson, Isabelle Klinger


No. Date Content
1 February 1999 The Peacocks, Big Rumble 1998, Phamtom Rockers USA Tour 1998, Swingin' Utters Tour, Vice Barons, Reviews
2 Heartdrops, 30 Amp Fuse, Spectres, B-Movie Report, Columns, Rock'n'Roll curiosities, Reviews
3 Bouncing Souls, Backwood Boys, Turbo A.C.s, Deadcats, The Quakes, Cooking with Rev. Beat-Man, Rock'n'Roll curiosities, B-Movie Report, Columns, Reviews
4 Las Vegas Grind '99, Untamed Youth, Vision, Tim Polecat, Rock'n'Roll curiosities, Bull'It, Mad Sin, Darlington, Deadbolt, Mighty Gordinis, B-Movie Report, Columns, Reviews
5 Summer 2000 The Cowabunga Beachparty, The Flames, The Eyeliners, The Defectors, Rock'n'Roll Weekender 2000, The Trashmen, The Peacocks, The Demonics, Steakknife, The Roughnecks, Rock'n'Roll curiosities, B-Movie Report, Columns, Reviews

Contact Information

Email: udo.vogt@gmx.net, carsten.blastoff@gmx.de, m.oelkrug@gmx.de

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