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Issue 8
Cover art by Harry Bell

Qwertyuiop was a science fiction fanzine by Sam Long.

Qwertyuiop was published in the 1970s in the UK and then later in the U.S.A. Eight issues were released. The name came from the typewriter: a typewriter's keyboard arrangement is called 'QWERTYUIOP' from its first line.

Issue 4 was 48 pages and was released in January 1971.

Issue 5 was 32 pages and was published in September 1971 and included in the mailing of OMPA 63.

Issue 6 was 30 pages and appeared in 1974, after Long had moved to Florida, U.S.A. Reviewed in Checkpoint 48, of May 1974, Darroll Pardoe writes, "This actually came out some time ago, but the first copy I was sent seems to have been eaten by the PO. Q is a lovely fanzine, with just the right mixture of the serious and the light for an authentic faanish flavour, He also likes wombats. Best thing this issue is a comparison by Sam of Florida and Britain."

Issue 7, at 40 pages, appeared August 1974, and featured Sam Long's con report on "Tynecon", the Eastercon of 1974 in Newcastle, UK.

Issue 8 was 46 pages and featured cover art by Harry Bell (Grimwab). Contributions of writing included the essay "The Night the Melbourne SF Club Burnt Down" by Mervyn Barrett, among others.

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