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Queen Supreme is a zine created by Iris Parker Pavitt from Orcas Island, WA.

Queen Supreme started in October 2007 and is still running. New issues are released irregularly, though approximately monthly. All writing, editing, drawing, publishing, and coloring are done by the creator. Its main features are fresh, original writing, including creative short fiction and research essays. Inventive cartoons, doodles, and graphics are a mainstay of this homemade zine. News articles are also a trademark. Each issue is hand-colored with crayons and b/w photocopied. As format, each page is folded in half with a single staple in the top left hand corner. Each zine is typically 3-4 pages, double-sided. The largest printing run has been 30 copies.


You can contact Queen Supreme for more information concerning this zine at: queen_supreme_zine@yahoo.com