Purple Myrtle Squeegy - A PMS Perzine

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Purple Myrtle Squeegy issue 8 about a trip to Germany and the Wacken festival. Published August 2014
Purple Myrtle Squeegy is a PMS perzine written by Hadass S. Ben-Ari, creator of Falopian Falafel zine, based in Jerusalem, Israel.

It started in 2010 as a nonsense zine including art and articles that made sense solely to the writer. It later evolved into a diary-style perzine including stories and rants about holidays, travels, music, playing guitar, being a punk and a metalhead grrrl, activism, art, DIY events and projects, feminism and riot grrrl. It sometimes also includes collages, poetry, and original drawings by the author, and a regular segment of the comics "Twigz".

The author explains the name of the zine as follows:

  • Purple is her favorite color.
  • Myrtle is her name (Hadass in Hebrew)
  • Squeegy is what she is (not to be confused with Squeegee)

In 2019, the zine name was changed to Purple Moon Spawn and continued from the previous issue number where Purple Myrtle Squeegy left off, number 14.

The issues are all hand-made cut-n-paste: written by hand or on a manual typewriter, laid out with scissors, glue, paper, construction paper, flyers and magazines, and pen or pencil drawings. The two first issues are half-page size, and the later ones are quarter-size.


The zine is available for trade. Contact Hadass by email: fallopian.falafel@gmail.com.

This zine, as well as other zines and art produced by Hadass is also available for sale at PMS Mess! Etsy Shop.

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