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Pistil Prose #5 cover

Pistil Prose was a zine published by the staff of Pistil Books out of Seattle, WA., U.S.A.

Pistil Books & News (1993-2001) was an independent bookstore that carried a lot of zines. In the late 1990's the staff began their own zine to publish local writers. The editors of the zine were store owners Amy Candiotti and Sean Carlson. Five issues were published: Pistil Prose #1 (1996); Pistil Prose #2 (1997); Pistil Prose #3 (The Crime Issue - includes a humorous true story of Pistil Books getting robbed, 1997); Pistil Prose #4 (The Romance Issue, 1998); and Pistil Prose #5 (The all Retail Hell Issue, 1999). A popular feature of the last three issues was excerpts from the bookstore staff's journal, titled "Retail Hell."

Pistil Books & News, the retail store closed in 2001, but continues on as Pistil Books Online, http://www.pistilbooks.net. Reviews and excerpts from Pistil Prose are available online here: http://www.pistilbooks.com/prose/prose.html