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Physicality of Words on Paper is a science fiction fanzine by Aka, also know as Anna Davour.

Anna Davour had previously published the fanzine Of Physicists and Fen in 2005. Physicality of Words on Paper was published in October 2007, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

In the only issue, the editor tells us she has recently moved from Sweden to Canada, and writes about the "Little everyday differences" between Canada and Sweden. She relates her story of how she met fellow fantasy readers after moving to Kingston. Also included are reviews of fanzines such as Steam Engine Time, and Steampunk Magazine. Letters are from Chris Garcia (The Drink Tank), Jerry Kaufman (Littlebrook), and Peter Sullivan.

In 2007 she also co-published The 2007 GUFF Losers' Fanzine with Johan Anglemark.

At the 2012 Swecon, held in Upspsala from October 5 to 7, Anna Davour appeared on the panel 'Science Fiction and the scientist'. In August 2014, Anna Davour appeared at the 72th Worldcon in London, UK, as part of a panel discussing Nordic Science Fiction.

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