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Some Payscaments published in 2016

Payscament is an artzine exploring the medical dimension of landscapes, a conceptual art project conceived by French artist Melayne Seitoung.

Each issue is made of printed material (photography, drawing, text) and a bovine pill filled with real fragments of the studied landscapes. Landscapes are sampled by Seitoung, dehydrated, crushed in a mortar and encapsulated. Due to its nature, edition is limited to 6-20 copies per issue.

Published issues :
- 2016FR3501 (France, Cancale)
- 2016ISL8721 (Islande, Geysir)
- 2016FR22218 (France, Plougrescant)
- 2016PF98749 (Polynésie française, Takapoto)
- 2016GF97309 (Guyane, Rémire-Montjoly, site archéologique de Palulu)
- 2016GF03M000011 (Guyane, Île du Salut)
- 2016GF03M0000 (Guyane, Île Saint-Joseph)
- 2016GF97301 (Guyane, Régina, Réserve de Kaw)
- 2016UKEH88HG (Ecosse, Edimbourg, Holyrood Park)
- 2017FR33318 (France, Pessac, Cité Frugès–Le Corbusier)
- 2017FR74056 (France, Chamonix, Mer de Glace)
- 2017FR76217 (France, Dieppe, en allant chez Jean Malaurie)
- 2017FR76351 (France, Le Havre)
- 2017ISL666 (Islande, Valahnukur)
- 2018FR29133 (France, Locquirec)
- 2018FR0701 (France, Calès, Gouffre de Cabouy)
- 2018FR46047 (France, Vebron, chaos dolomitique de Nîmes-le-Vieux)
- 2018FR0701 (France, Le Béage, Suc de la Lauzière)
- 2018FR35 (France, Saint-Malo, parc de la Briantais) – ready-made
- 2018FR56155 (France, Pénestin, La Mine d’or)
- 2018FR35265 (France, Saint-Domineuc, chemin de halage du canal d’Ille-et-Rance)
- 2018FR63038 (France, Besse & Saint-Anastaise, Lac Pavin) – ready-made

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