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Naginata is a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Jessica Amanda Salmonson.

Ten issues of Naginata were released from the U.S.A. in the 1980s.

The first issue appeared in August 1980; issue 2 in September 1980; issue 3 in October 1980; issue 4 in November 1980; issues 5 to 8 in 1981; and issues 9 and 10 in 1982.

A fanzine devoted to Amazon fiction, feminism in fantasy and SF, discussion about the history of fantasy and science fiction. Comments on similarities in female warrior roles in medieval Japanese and Scottish societies, the fighting women of Dohomey, Matilta of Tuscany, women samarai in popular culture, Madam Ching the pirate, and more.

Previous to Naginata, Jessica Salmonson has published The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror, co-edited with Phyllis Ann Karr. First released in 1973, seven issues were published, the last one appearing in 1975. From 1977 till 1979 she published Windhaven, a feminist science fiction and fantasy fanzine. In 1985 she assumed editorship of Fantasy Macabre with issue 5, and stayed with the publication until the last issue, # 17, in 1996.