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Issue 4 1991

Medtrek is a media science fiction fanzine, edited by Susan Smith-Clarke, and published by Medtrek SF Media Con.

Medtrek consists of work by the finalists in the fiction and poetry competitions for the Australian National Media Convention. It features fan fiction inspired by the television series Blake's 7, Star Trek (the original series), Star Trek: The Next Generation, and other fandoms. The first issue was published in 1982. Four issues were released, the last in 1991.

Featured writers of fiction have included Sue Bursztynski (Tales from New Wales), Kerrie Hanlon, Narrelle Harris (Phoenix, Inconsequential Parallax), Edwina Harvey (The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet), Yvonne Hintze, Merridy Johnson, Stephanie Kane, Shayne McCormack (Terran Times, Wombat), T.A. Morris, and Virginia Wurth.

Featured writers of poetry have included Sheila Tracy.

Featured artists have included Linda Cox Chan, Ruth Dick-Smith, Merridy Johnson, Val Rogers, John Shave, and Julie Vaux.

Medtrek also produced an electonic fanzine featuring zine reviews and event news during the 1990s.

A reunion Medtrek 6 relaxacon was held 28-30th July, 2017, at the Nepean Shores Resort in Penrith, NSW, celebrating 50 years of Star Trek in Australia. A special issue of Beyond Antares was the official Medtrek con fanzine, featuring all-new Mary-Sue stories, with cover art by Ian McLean (Kiron III).

Susan Smith-Clarke also published the fanzines Beyond Antares, Forerunner Quarterly, and Chronicles.